Our Clients  我們的客户

Here are some of the websites designed and/or hosted by Suria Biz


Business / Company Websites 商業/公司網站


E-Commerce Websites 電子商務網站


Tourism Websites 旅遊網站


Hotels / Lodges Websites 酒店網站


Associations / Clubs / NGO Websites 協會/俱樂部/非政府組織網站


Education Websites 教育網站


Church Websites 教會網站


Government Websites 政府網站


Some websites in the portfolio are the basic type. Which only consist of few webpages. Some are self-Update websites which the clients can update the website contents easily.
一些網站是基本類型, 只有少數網頁。 有些網站是"自更新網站",客戶可以輕鬆地更新網站內容。

If you have an existing old website and you want to redesign it. Email us at [email protected]
如果您有現有的舊網站,並且想要重新設計。 請聯繫我們 [email protected]